Are you a student-athlete in deep pursuit of the goal of playing at the  collegiate level? Are you a parent guiding your child down the path to become an adult and wanting athletics to play a role in that journey? Beyond the Gridiron will show you what it takes to become a complete student-athlete at the collegiate level. 

Beyond the Gridiron uniquely combines what to expect athletically, academically, and socially on your collegiate journey. We equip incoming student-athletes with the tools to overcome mental and physical challenges of collegiate athletics while speaking to the importance of academics and utilizing all the resources that you have around you on campus. 

Beyond the Gridiron will transform your mind as well as challenge you to look beyond the scope of athletics for success. First-hand accounts of Division I student-athletes and personal interviews straight from the NFL provide an exclusive look into the whole athletic journey. Learning how to overcome adversity and be accountable for your own actions are decisions you will face throughout your collegiate experience, and Beyond the Gridiron offers insight to prepare you for success.

This book teaches valuable life lessons, and most importantly, will transfer to your day-to-day regimen of becoming a responsible adult.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip student-athletes with the tools to overcome the mental, physical, and social challenges of collegiate athletics!

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